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Etched Glass Window Film

Although several types of frosted window film exist, there is only one style that naturally mimics etched glass – white matte frost. The most popular style of frosted window film, white matte frost window film is dramatically easier to clean than etched glass, comes at a fraction of the cost, and most importantly – can be removed.

The ability to dramatically transform the glass in your business in a way that will last, yet allow for the removal of the changes at the end of your lease, make for a happy tenant/management relationship. You can feel free to design as bold as you’d like, without breaking the rules of your lease.

Other styles of frosted window film are out there – dozens in fact – but don’t offer the “natural” appearance that you can find with white matte frost. These films usually offer less privacy and are available only in limited roll dimensions. White matte frost is available in up to 72″ width, which allows larger windows to be covered without requiring a seam.

Small projects can sometimes be completed by novice installers using temporary “static cling” films, but won’t have the same longevity, durability or appearance of professionally installed etched glass film. Temporary films applied by novice installers most noticeably “pucker” along the edges and have bubbles and/or dirt stuck under the film, making for a very obvious film application. Professionally installed etched glass window film needs to be closely inspected to discern that it is an applied film, not etched glass.

Another distinct advantage to etched glass film over custom etched glass is the dramatic savings. Even hand or computer cut designs can be completed at a fraction of the cost a custom fabricated piece of glass would run you.

If you would like to learn more about the versatility of etched glass window film, or would like to set up a free consultation, call us at 800-683-8468 or click here to contact us.

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