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Do I Need Window Film If I Already Have Low-E Windows?

Low-E coatings do a great job of keeping heat in your home, but do nothing to keep the sun’s heat and light out of your home. Low-E coatings provide little or no ultra-violet rejection, while most window films block 99%.

Windows with Low-E coatings can benefit from the installation of window film by reducing glare and blocking unwanted heat from entering your home, helping reduce energy costs year-round and providing a protective barrier to slow the effects of sun damage on furnishings.

If you don’t have Low-E windows, you can have a spectrally-selective window film installed to reflect long-wave infrared heat back into your livingspace, just like a Low-E coating. Like we stated before, these films also reject 99% UV light and reject heat from entering home – offering an average 35%-50% energy savings through the course of a year. If you already have double-pane glass and have heard of the benefits of low-e, having a spectrally-selective film installed is not only more cost effective than replacing your windows, but provides more benefits.

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  • By TheWindowFilmBlog, November 17, 2013 @ 5:50 am

    You can also get a rebate on purchased/installed low-e film as part of the energy bills.

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