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Will Window Film Stop Fading?

Many, many, many internet retailers and professional installers alike have been (or still are) guilty of over-stating the benefits of window film as a  means of fade protection. This is not to say that window films don’t help slow fading, but to warn that businesses aren’t always truthful with how much each window film will actually help.

Just because most window films can block 99% of Ultra-Violet light does not mean that every window film is fit to protect against fading.  When shopping for a fade protection window film, beware of claims that a light window film will perform just as well as a darker window film as a fade protection method.

Heat and visible light are 50% of what causes fading (UV light is 40%). If you are truly interested in protecting your furnishings and know that shades or blinds aren’t enough, make sure that you choose a window film that will block as much light as you can live with, as these films will also reduce the solar heat coming through the glass, thus offering better fade protection.

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