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UV Window Film – Chicago Tinting

If you are having trouble with sun fading, UV window film may be the solution. Our company installs UV window film in Chicago and all neighboring areas and has the #1 source for window film information in the city. This article will get you started, but be sure to read our other posts as they will help you make an informed decision about what UV window film is best for you.

Now that winter is here, the low track that the sun follows through the southern sky reaches deep into homes and storefronts causing fading situations that can actually be more severe than the summer months. If this scenario sounds familiar – don’t wait. Even if you decide that UV window film isn’t the solution for you, cover your windows with some type of treatment quickly. Fading issues can start after only 3 months of exposure.

There are a few things you need to know when selecting a UV window film to protect against fading.  The first is that a clear UV window film with only a UV protectant applied to a clear substrate is the least effective in protecting against fading.  Blocking just the UV light only stops 40% of the fade factors that the sun produces. You must reduce glare and heat in addition to UV light for maximum fade protection. Together heat and glare are 50% of the fade factors that the sun produces.

With a number of shades to choose from, you can find a UV window film to suit your specific tastes. Most commonly our clients choose a Suntek Symphony UV window film with 60% glare reduction and 55% heat reduction. This combination of attributes produces nearly a 69% reduction of the fade factors produced by the sun, yet allows abundant light to pass through the glass.

Depending on the colors in your room and your individual taste, you can use a UV film that blocks an even higher percentage of fade factors, or choose to reduce protection in favor of a higher light level.

Some of the most commonly used UV window films our company installs can be previewed by clicking here. All window films offer nearly 100% UV reduction. Pay attention to the glare and heat reduction statistics – the higher those numbers are, the more fade protection you will get. If you are located in the Chicago area and would like a free estimate for UV window film, call us at 800-683-8468 or click here to request a free estimate.

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