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Best Window Film For Privacy?

This article is not about which brand of film is the best for privacy, but rather which type we think is the best. The best window film for privacy ultimately depends on the individual taste of the person having the film installed, but there are 3 main categories of varying privacy to choose from – frosted, reflective and “limo”.

In our opinion the best privacy films are of the frosted variety. They allow all of the light through the windows, and offer privacy 24 hours a day. The only drawback is no longer being able to see out of the windows. If your situation demands privacy over a view – this is the way to go.

Some people don’t want to block the view through the glass and still get privacy. This is possible using super reflective films, but the privacy ends as soon as the sun goes down and your lights go on – people will easily be able to see inside. There are some ways to “stretch” the privacy through the night, but you need to be in control of carefully placed lighting outside the windows you are trying to add privacy to. As long as the light level outside the windows is brighter than inside – privacy is achieved. Some of our clients have set dimmers in the room in question and placed flood lights outside. This allows the owner to see anyone that might be lurking outside without them being able to see in.

As a side note, if you are only interested in daytime privacy there are many 60%-65% films that aren’t reflective that might be able to do the job for you.  Using these films works best in situations where there are only windows on one side of the room and light is not being shined in from rooms on the opposite side of the house. The privacy isn’t that great if you stand close to the windows, but this method allows plenty of light into your home and still allows you to easily see outside.

If you are willing to block most of the light that comes through the windows to achieve privacy, you can always have a “limo” tint installed the outside of the glass. You will have some idea of what is going on outside, and as long as the light level is kept low no one will be able to see in day or night. This still works better with a light outside the window – but the advantage to this scenario is that the windows will not look like mirrors, just dark. It’s best to go this route if the windows are in a bedroom as the film will double as glare reduction in the morning.

It’s entirely possible that none of these films achieves privacy on the terms you were looking for. Sometimes shades or blinds are the best solution. If you are mostly interested in night-time privacy and want to enjoy your view through the day, then window film is not the solution you need.

If one of these films sounds like it will work for your situation and you live in the Chicago area, visit our main website at where you can arrange a free estimate and see samples in person.

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