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Precision Window Tinting Chicago
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About Precision Window Tinting

Precision Window Tinting is well known as one of the top architectural window film companies in Chicago. We offer an impressive range of services and provide a dependable quality service at competitive prices.

Unlike some of the smaller window film companies that focus mostly on residential or automotive applications, you’ll find we’re just as familiar with large-scale commercial installations as we are in homes.

We try to stay on the leading edge of the industry, providing advanced services such as computer aided design and corporate identity solutions. Working with our associate window film company in New York, we facilitate new trends in corporate advertising, including escalator and elevator wrapping.

With the high occurrence of vandalism to glass in Chicago, Precision is the first and only window film company in the city to offer significant discounts for the replacement of tagged anti-graffiti window film. Not only do we want to form lasting relationships with our clients, but believe that protecting your business shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

Even though we’re used to serving big business, the art of our industry is perfecting residential installation. Home window tinting is arguably the most difficult market for window film companies to master. Contaminates such as paint, varnish, silicone and putty offer challenges when working with french panes and large curved entry windows. Attention to detail is paramount in these situations and accountability is the most important thing a prospective buyer should gauge before hiring just any old window film company to do the job.

Trusted by many of the top architects, realty, management and contracting services in the city – Precision boasts the best combination of products, installation, professionalism and value you will find out of any window film company in Chicago. To learn more about our services, please give us a call toll-free at 800-683-8468.

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