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Window Film Benefits For The Home

The benefits of window film in the home are so great, it is an investment that almost everyone should consider making. Just like using compact flourescent lightbulbs or putting in double-pane windows in your home – window film starts saving you energy the day you have it installed.

Energy savings is only the tip of the iceberg. Window films reduce the 3 major causes of fading: UV light, heat and visible light. This means that you can protect your floors and furnishings in your home without having to have your shades drawn all day. Perhaps you have angle-top windows or arches that you don’t want to cover up with shades – window film is the solution!

Another benefit of window films in the home is privacy. Whether you just want to slightly darken the window, make it reflective or completely frost it over – there is a window film that can complete the task.

Most solar film installations pay for themselves in 3-5 years and provide immediate comfort. Expensive double-pane low-e gas-filled windows are great for keeping your home warm in the winter, but let the sun’s heat straight into your home. If you’ve already spent the money on the windows, take the final step and get film installed.

The window films of today are designed to easily cut down over 50% of the heat from the sun without over-darkening your windows. You need to see it to believe it. If you live in the Chicago area, give us a call at 800-683-8468 or visit our main website to arrange a free consultation.

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