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Should I Tint My Own Windows?

Window tinting on your own has the same benefit as any other DIY project – you can save some money. But before you go to your home improvement store or whip out the credit card for an online purchase, consider the following:

1) DIY window films, even “premium” brands, are made of a soft polyester to make them easier to install. This lower grade material unavoidably has characteristics that make it visually unappealing – such as view distortion, clouding, or excessive “rainbow” like coloring. Professional window films do not have these traits, require training and experience to install and are only available to dealers.

2) No DIY film will warranty the glass that the film is installed to.

3) The DIY window film manufacturer/distributer takes no responsibility for whether the film you are installing will damage the glass, or that the process of installation will not harm the glass.

4) If you have an existing warranty for your windows, you will probably void it if you install the window film yourself. Professional dealers provide you with a warranty that will replace the one you have, and in most cases can provide a warranty that will cover against glass breakage even if you don’t have an existing warranty.

5) Professional installation looks better. DIY window filming always stands out, usually in the form of peeling corners, bubbles, creases, lifted edges and entraped dirt – not to mention distortion from the DIY product.

6) Like everything else DIY, any home improvement project not performed properly will hurt your property value. Home inspectors and prospective buyers never overlook badly tinted windows. If you have a quality window film professionally installed you will actually increase the beauty, comfort and value of your home.


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