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Tax Credit For Window Film?

Everyone asks us about the tax credit for window film. If you live in the northern portion of the US, unfortunately it’s a savings you probably won’t qualify for. The government requirements concerning energy tax credits for window film installed in the northern region of th US are as follows:

1) The windows the window film is being applied to must be double-pane insulated units

2) The windows must already have a low-e coating applied to them

3) The windows must have a vinyl frame

4) The installation must be in your principal residence

If you meet these requirements, you will eligible to get back 10% of the cost of the window film (not including the cost of the installation), with a maximum credit of $500 (This post updated 3/1/2011).


  • By Jason Deirmenjian - Tampa CPA, January 6, 2011 @ 12:53 am

    There are also special tax deductions for “Green” Commercial Buildings. To be specific, it’s called the EPAct 179D Energy Tax Deduction.

  • By Santa Rosa Window Tint, March 1, 2011 @ 3:21 am

    What would be a good source to read about tax deductions in regards to film?

  • By Administrator, March 1, 2011 @ 8:10 am

    The tax credit has been reduced from before. See below.

    Tax Credit: 10% of cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50 – $300
    Expires: December 31, 2011
    Details: Must be an existing home & your principal residence. New construction and rentals do not qualify.

    Pretty much everything you need to know about your film’s eligibility conditions can be found by going to your film manufacturer’s website. Each type of film has eligibility depending on the “climate zone”, or area of the country the film was installed. Locate the manufacturer’s letter of compliance and read it to determine if your film qualifies for a credit in your climate zone. Once you’ve found that the film is eligible, print (2) copies of the letter so you have one to send in with your taxes and one for your records. If you’re having trouble finding the letter from your manufacturer, contact them by phone to ask them where you can find it or ask them to send you a copy. Here is a short list of links to manufacturer certification letters:

    Huper Optik
    Sun Tek

    1. Make a copy of the dealer invoice/receipt (make sure it states the film type and has the material cost itemized)
    2. Fill out the 2011 Form 5695. Window film is referred to as an “insulation material or system specifically and primarily designed to reduce the heat loss or gain of your home” so the film cost should be put on Line 2A.
    3. The total from Form 5695 should be claimed on your Form 1040, line 52.
    4. Send the copies of the certification letter and dealer reciept in with your Form 5695 when you file your taxes.

    That’s it. If you have any other questions, let us know.

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